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Hello and welcome to my Art Blog! My name is Rachel. My art is mainly homestuck but I am part of other fandoms as well! Requests are closed for the time being but commissions are open!
i was inspired by this amazing art of bio-luminescent trolls 

i was inspired by this amazing art of bio-luminescent trolls 

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i love drawing aradia and i love drawing robots :D

i love drawing aradia and i love drawing robots :D


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i wanted to draw everyone but i only had time to do the beta trolls ahah

this was so much fun! The fact i was a figure skater myself for awhile was an added bonus.  If i have time i might go back and do more characters and maybe color them or something.

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john--striderasked, "your blog says requests arent open but, could you draw some dirk<3<hal please for your artblock? thanks!"


heres a little sketch (i’m away and don’t have my scanner atm so i apologize for the quality).  i forgot to update my request status and stuff ahaha but requests are temporarily open for now.

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okay okay so im gonna do that selfie—->pixel event again, alright? this is the official announcement for it.

★★ I will be accepting submissions until 12:00 pm (noon) CDT on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014. ★★

☆ The requirements for this event are:
— a selfie of your choosing (obvs)
— 3 good things that have happened to you in the past month
— a short summary/bio about you

☆ I will do fantrolls and OCs if you provide proper reference.

☆ If you’re missing any of these things, I won’t make your pixel (but I probably will anyways bc I havent made things for a month or so).
☆ Even if you’re not interested could you please spread the word to your friends/followers?

P.S. - I’m gonna try and make bigger pixels this time, so just bear with me on this. Also, I have some banner requests piling up in my inbox so I will get those finished before I start on these. Thank you so much to those who have requested banners and havent been complaining, I appreciate your patience.

If you’re having problems finding the Submit box just type /submit after my url. I’ve only gotten two submissions.

» Examples «

Come on guys! 24 hours left! Please spread this, I feel like I dont have nearly enough!
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help me punch art block in the face

i wanna draw fanart of something but idk what and every time i start something it looks like crap. give me some interesting ideas/prompts to draw please

i will love you forever if you do

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Thank you for 360+ follows!
this started off as anatomy practice i swear

Thank you for 360+ follows!

this started off as anatomy practice i swear

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Anonymousasked, "quick comment on your strider comic, 'a lot' isn't one word! a lot of people get it wrong though, don't worry. i love the drawing - especially the pose with dave as he is at the side of your blog. something about that pose is just so great, i love it. you're a great artist!"

 oh dear, i’m not very good with spelling/grammatical things in general. If i get a chance i’ll try to go back in and fix that. Thank you for pointing it out and also thank you for the compliment!

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hi new followers!

can’t believe i’m making this post again! Gonna go cry of happiness

thanks so much for the follow and welcome aboard my art blog ^^

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Read Power Outage here (sample below)

Rating: E

Language: english

Summary: A big storm comes rolling in, leaving power outages, a whole lot of ridiculous candles, and some quality Strider time, which wouldn’t be too bad if Dave hadn’t been having trouble keeping his thoughts to himself… especially when they consist mainly of Bro.

photo cover_zps70783da9.jpg

Read More

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